1st Pass Driving Instructor Training Course - Renfrewshire

Deciding to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

So… You have landed on this page and are possibly thinking of changing your career – one that is rewarding not only because it is flexible and you can work your own hours it can also pay good money depending on the hours you choose to work.

Becoming a Driving instructor

Running your own business can be very rewarding but be under no illusion it will take commitment and hard work throughout your training and running your actual driving school business when you qualify. The benefits far outweigh any challenges you will face and the good news is I will be there every step of the way to guide you through the training and give you advice once you qualify as An ADI.

So... What are the benefits?

  • Being in control of your own career
  • Choosing when and how often you want to work
  • Job satisfaction
  • The chance to grow your own business

How to apply

You will need to check that you’re eligible to apply to become a driving instructor. Take a quick test on GOV.UK to find out whether you can apply. This test will also tell you what to do next to become an ADI.

First you’ll need to apply to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to become an ADI. To do this you’ll need to give details about your current driving licence including any driving offences. You’ll also need a criminal records disclosure number.

You can apply to become an ADI on GOV.UK.

Criminal record check

Before you can apply to become an ADI, you’ll need to have a criminal record check. Apply for your check at GOV.UK.

Next steps

When you’ve been accepted to start the qualifying process, you can start your training towards the three ADI tests.

Part 1: theory test

Part 2: practical driving test

Part 3: instructional ability test

You’ll have to pass the tests in this order and you must pass them within a two-year period before you can join the ADI register.

TCIT Online Course and how it’s delivered

An award winning course  that focuses on the National Standards from the DVSA and in part the National Driver and Rider Training Standard which sets out competences you will need to demonstrate in order to pass the 3 exams  so you can  become a fully qualified driving instructor.

TCIT Online course will be delivered online through webinars and online videos to support your course book.

Cost of online course £600.00                  (Click here to purchase TCIT Course only)

In Car Training Sessions

13 x 3 hour sessions in car with your TCIT trainer Robin Lenihan.


  • TCIT Online resources
    £600 or 3 x Monthly payments of £200
  • 13 X 3 hour in car sessions PAYG
    £126.00 Per 3 hour session
  • Additional costs for DVSA tests.